Two weeks later

Today makes 15 days since I officially launched Sex and the Single Girl into the literary atmosphere. It is still a surreal experience to look on Amazon and Smashwords and especially Barnes & and type in ‘alishia curtis’ and see that beautiful (if I do say so myself) blue cover come up. I knew I would get there one day, but never dreamed I would get here. Sounds crazy right? I know, but you know what I mean: like you KNOW deep down inside that something is going to happen, and when it does, you’re still in disbelief even though this is exactly what you wanted?

Preparing for the launch was like preparing for a wedding and though I’ve never had a wedding before, I’ve been a part of enough and seen enough shows to know just how crazy it can be. But unlike a wedding, once my “reception”/launch was over, it wasn’t about settling down into a life of wedded bliss, oh no! Now my work has REALLY begun, there will be no relaxing for me. But ya know? I’m fine with that. This experience has reinforced the sentiment that if you’re going to invest in anything, invest in yourself. So if that means more money spent, or more sleepless nights, then so be it.

Right now, it’s about getting the book into as many hands as possible, whether that is a constant reminder on social media sites to “Go buy Sex and the Single Girl” or hustling copies of the book from the backseat of my vehicle. I will do what I have to until I can’t do any more.

So, if you’re reading this and you happen to know some of Oprah’s people, or Tyler Perry’s or Ava DuVernay’s people, I’m here waiting on that call, saying they’d like to make Sex and the Single Girl into a screenplay and movie.

Until then, I’m going to keep pushing Sex and the Single Girl and working on book number 2.

Haven’t read it yet? Click the link below to see a preview and purchase from Amazon. Available in paperback and Kindle.