…the novel

Sex and the Single Girl, the story of 20-something Milan, an attractive, intelligent, self-proclaimed daddy’s girl who’s waiting on a man like her father to come sweep her off her feet. However, through a series of heartbreaking events, starting with the untimely death of her beloved father, Milan finds out that no man is perfect, including daddy dearest.

Follow her as she navigates the minefield that is love’s landscape, with fiery best friend Donatella and protective “beefcake” Cairo voicing their opinions every step of the way. From the annoyingly arrogant neighbor with the noisy sex life to the playfully adorable boy toy, Milan must kiss a few frogs before she finds her prince, one that may have been right in front of her the whole time.


…the author

A native of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, Alishia Curtis grew up in one of the small Gullah communities that thrived under the cover of Spanish moss draped live oaks, palm trees, and sky-high pines that flanked dirt roads once prevalent on the island. And it was amidst the thin sap-sticky branches that she would perch herself atop the tallest of the swaying pines and read whatever she could find at the local library or in the weekly Scholastic Book flyers handed out in school. (Some of her favorites include the Nancy Drew mysteries, books by Judy Blume and her absolute favorite, The Adventures of the Babysitter’s Club!)
A lover of fiction novels, Alishia Curtis dabbled in her own short stories early on, but never took the idea of writing a novel seriously until she was in her twenties. But as a young single mother, finding the time to construct this masterpiece was difficult to say the least.After years of journaling, writing poems, songs, and many short stories, she began pulling these stories together, and with a few changes to the characters and scenarios, the early pages of her first novel Sex and the Single Girl began to take shape. After completing the first edition of her novel in 2013, what started as a heavy editing session, turned into a complete gutting and re-writing of the novel, with enough extra material to begin the follow up to SSG, presently titled Donatella Tells It and currently in the works, with hopes of completion by summer 2018.