Definition of an artist/Pursuit of Perfection

artist: noun: a person who practices any of the various creative arts, such as a sculptor, novelist, poet, or filmmaker.

As an author, I, by definition am an artist and as an artist, I am sensitive about my…work. Because I am sensitive about my work, I take great pride in what I produce. I also take great pride in saying I am a perfectionist, this novel, Sex and the Single Girl, a definite testament to that.
Even though I realize the expectation of perfection may be an unrealistic one, I can and will still strive for it. And if in my quest for perfection, others produce three books in the time it takes me to produce my one, I am okay with that, because perfection takes time.
Three years after I thought I’d completed the first draft of Sex and the Single Girl, I was still perfecting it, all because someone made a suggestion that it was good for my first effort, but it could be better.
As frustrating as that was to hear, I took it to heart and worked until it was more than just good enough, it was something I was proud of, it was as perfect as I could make it.
If that means my next book takes another three years–which it won’t, I promise–before I am ready to release it to the world, then so be it. That means I have held it as long as was necessary to get it to standard, and not just any standard, MY standard.
And because it will be up to the very strict standards I hold myself to, I promise you nothing less than my best as mediocrity is not an option.

For those who have been with me on this long journey, I thank you for your patience waiting on Sex and the Single Girl all these years. And I thank you in advance for your patience as I work on and prepare my next labor of love, due date unknown.

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