Bluffton Book Festival 2017

Yesterday, I experienced a first. Thanks to Rockelle Henderson, for the first time in my writing career, I was a part of a book event, specifically the 2nd Annual Bluffton Book Festival in downtown Bluffton (SC).


The night before, which was Friday, there was a fundraising event at Outback Steakhouse in which there was an author panel where we got to hear bestselling authors talk about their work and what inspired them. We also had the opportunity to purchase books and have them autographed, and of course, I took advantage of that.

I learned about lots of interesting books that I probably wouldn’t have heard of otherwise and bought a couple of them. Note to self: check out “Minnow” and “Lightening Men”.

But truthfully, the highlight of my night was meeting NYT bestselling author Mary B. Morrison  Mary B & I and contemporary romance author Cheris Hodges Cheris & I! Friendly,approachabland Both of them were remarkably down to earth and I was humbled to be able to share my work with these ladies. (Coincidentally, they are published with one of the companies I looked into when I was thinking about publishing through a traditional publisher, Kensington/Dafina).

Saturday was an exciting day for me, especially considering this was the first time I attended an event as a published author. Even though I didn’t know what to expect, it was exciting to set up my station and take in everything around me. From meeting some of the other authors to interacting with the festival’s visitors, it was an experience I will never forget! I look forward to attending again next year -maybe even with my next book. I’m already looking for the next event to attend so if you know of a book club that wants to have an intimate meeting with the author or any book festivals and events in your area, please let your girl know.

In the meantime, here are a few more pics of my little area. I’m really pleased and proud of how everything came again and I’m already thinking of my next set up 🙂






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